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Year 11 Online Revision

English Language

English Literature


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The Language Gym by Gianfranco Conti has a wide range of activities and games. Languages online has online activities for practising grammar and a range of topics.

The Langue Française  site has a 50 self-test questions on French grammar. Good for high intermediate or advanced.

Bonjour de France  has a large number of interactive tasks and lesson ideas, searchable under various headings including grammar, comprehension, worksheets and games.

French for Free contains a mine of useful reference material, including copious vocabulary lists, Youtube explanations of grammar points and material specifically aimed at GCSE students, including scripted recordings of GCSE style presentations.  has podcasts with gap fill exercises.

Audio Lingua  has an archive of short audio clips at various levels. Clips can be downloaded or listened to online.

Français Extra  has various activities including listening tasks with virtual characters.

BBC Talk French  has a menu of videos which pupils can use on their own .

PubsTV  has archived TV commercials from around the world.

Europe 1  has podcasts for advanced listening.

TV5 Monde has excellent video clips with accompanying worksheets for advanced learners.

RFI has radio extracts in easier French for advanced learners along with interactive exercises.

Euronews has TV news clips with transcripts for advanced learners.

France 24 has archived video clips from the news.

France 2 has its own TV news clips to watch and listen to.

La Réclame has French adverts along with others from around the world.

Quizlet  has vocabulary flashcards to play games with. Not bad for personal student use.

TF1 is a major French TV company, with archived news clips, live news, weather forecasts and so on.

GCSE Bitesize has a range of tasks, including practice listening tests, crosswords, videos and reading material.



Cold War and Vietnam video:


Western Front:


Anglo-Saxons and Normans:

HPA exam skills (Cold War):

Choose – History – Edexcel

They cover these of our units:

Edexcel GCSE American West (if you are in Mrs Carter’s class)

Edexcel GCSE Superpower Relations and the Cold War (for all other classes)

Edexcel GCSE Medicine in Britain 1250-present (for all classes)

Edexcel GCSE Anglo-Saxons and Normans (for all classes)


Geography (look at subsection videos and how to get marks videos) (Students have their own login – school email and have made their own password. Edexcel GCSE Geography B questions)


AQA Computer Science

Past Papers:

Subject Content:


OCR Cambridge iMedia

Past Papers:

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