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UK Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 8th February is UK Safer Internet Day. Whilst we should always act safely and responsibly online, this national day seeks to focus our attention to staying safe during our online activities. As a parent/Carer, you may feel that your child's knowledge of technology and the Internet is greater than yours; below are a range of resources to help you support your child's (and your own) online safety. 

Support from the UK Internet Safety Centre 

Safer Schools App

The Safer Schools app is an excellent resource for parents/carers. It includes helpful guides to social media platforms that your child may be using, as well as support and advice with setting up phones and tablets for your child to help them to stay safe online. For more information, click here.

Further Resources

Below, you will find a range of resources from the UK Safer Internet Centre. These include:

  • Conversation starters for you to have with your children regrading their online activity and helping them to understand their role in using the Internet safely and responsibly. 
  • Family online safety plan

  • Further help and support from a range of providers and charities to support your child's online safety