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Supporting Literacy Skills


Literacy involves teaching students to be able to read, write, and speak and listen effectively. Literacy is the responsibility of all teachers in the academy.

Why is literacy important?

Literacy skills equip students not only to achieve well in school, but also to play their part in a democratic society when they leave. It is vital that Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy prepares all its students to be confident and effective communicators in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Literacy in the home and community is equally important in ensuring sustainable literacy habits for all our young people. Young people need to be proud of their cultural heritage whilst being aware of when it is appropriate to speak in a formal situation such as in a school presentation or a job interview or a thank you speech at a celebration evening.

Supporting literacy at home

Ways to encourage teenagers to read:

  • Set an example. Let teenagers see you reading for pleasure.
  • Furnish your home with a variety of reading materials.
  • Leave books, magazines, and newspapers around.
  • Check to see what disappears for a clue to what interests your teenager.
  • Give teenagers an opportunity to choose their own books.
  •  Build on your teen's interests. Look for books and articles that feature their favourite sports teams, music stars, hobbies, or television shows. Give a gift subscription to a special interest magazine.
  • View pleasure reading as a value in itself. Almost anything your child reads— including the Sunday sports results or the Celebrity magazine—helps build reading skills.
  • Make reading aloud a natural part of family life. Share an article you clipped from the paper, a poem, a letter, or a random page from an encyclopedia—without turning it into a lesson.

Useful Links

Questions to support your child's reading The National Literacy Trust; words for life links to authors talking about their work how to get a free library card in Walsall

Free eBooks to download are also available: guide to the basics of grammar and punctuation recommends good books for teenagers and adults