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Support for SEND students

Support for SEND students

Director of SEND (SENDCO): Mrs B Jawandha (
Vice Principal (SLT SEND link) Mr D Foreman (

Support for Families during COVID-19
Please see below information from Walsall LA Educational Psychology Core Offer please contact them if you require support. Please provide:

  • Your name 
  • Your contact phone number
  • Your preferred time/day for a call back
  • Your enquiry/support needs

 Please send your request to:


A range of links to a variety of resources to support children, parents and parents can be found below:

Visual information resources for people with disabilities

1.     Animation 
2.     Safety video by YP:
3.     Makaton:
4.     Story book:
5.     Easy read, self-isolating:
6.     Information for deaf children and young people, their families and professionals supporting them
Please click here

Social stories 

1.     Everyone gets sick sometimes:
2.     Carol Gray:
3.     Medical appointments & photo’s to build own social story:
4.     ASD:
5.     A range of Coronavirus social stories, communication boards, scripts and planners for those requiring Augmentative communication support(Lower half of scrolling page and tabs):    
6.     Make your own social story - guidelines and template:
7.     How to make a social story:


1.     Carers U.K. caring & contingency planning:
2.     Calm Jars:
3.     Kooth, online anonymous metal health support:
4.     Young Minds blog and other services:
5.     Headspace, mindfulness:
6.     Rethink, online Coronavirus Hub:
7.     Apps:
8.     Personalised digital self-management tools and human support:


1.     Little learners:
2.     As taught in schools:


1.     Apps:
2.     Five yoga videos for kids:
3.     10 Indoor ball games:
4.     Daily PE with Joe Wicks:  

Formal education resources

1.     Education Endowment Foundation: Covid-19 Resources: Supporting schools and parents to make the most of home learning
2.     New DfE advice: Help children with SEND continue their education during coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice for parents and carers looking after children with special educational needs and disabilities
3.     Curriculum hub, Oak National Academy is now open. It’s an online classroom and resource hub offering daily videoed lessons and resources to assist teachers, as they continue to support pupils until schools re-open. Its SEND offer is now launched—
4.     BBC Bitesize is offering regular daily lessons for homeschooling in English and Maths, as well as other core subjects, in an expanded version of its website and also on special programmes broadcast on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button.
5.     Coronavirus (COVID 19): list of online education resources for home education
6.     Resources available to support homeschooling | Institute of Education - UCL – University College London
7.     Free subscriptions:
8.     General purpose planners to plan the day: https://illinois-school-closure-toolkit
9.     BBC Bitesize by age:
10.  Mencap TV: A series of short activities
11.  Do2learn free social skills, self-regulation, songs, games, communication, and life-skills
12.  Twinkl curriculum materials, one month trial is free:
13.  Teacher resources for children with PMLD:
14.  Home learning guide for children with PMLD: https://primarysite-prod-sorted.home-learning-guide-PMLD
15.  Learning packs:
16.  Ways to learn through play:
17.  Understood:
18.  Kent Children’s University
19.  Maths:
20.  Communication Trust free resources:
21.  Extensive speech & communication resources:
22.  Resources including life-skills:
23.  ASDAN brand new free resources age 10-19+, life & work skills:


·       150 sensory learning activities:

·       My personal Favourite, excellent stay at home kit: huge list of sensory activities, and general purpose planners to plan the day: https://illinois-stay-at-home-kit-and-specialist-visual-planning-aids to print

·       If your child has sensory difficulties, here are some educational resources you can use at home from The Sensory Projects

Activities: Keep learning relaxed and fun. 

·       The world’s your classroom: 10 fun ways to home school. Some ideas to support learning about the world

·       Minecraft is making its educational worlds available free, with 12 digital lessons available to download until the end of June.

·       Huge raft of general activities:

·       Activity passport: things-to-do

·       Live cookery lessons:

·       Bake in Sundays:

·       Tumble Tots live:

·       National Geographic:

·       Visit a virtual museum:

·       Museum colouring:

·       101 things for young adults to do: https://www.catcote-futures-homepack/101 things for young adults to do

·       Soundabout live:

·       Electric Umbrella, live 4 times per day:

·       Inclusion Project: https://inclusionproject-virtual-care-program-for-young-people-4-x-daily

·       Singing Hands:

Great ‘virtual’ escapes

Lots of children have had school trips postponed in addition to confinement; try some virtual tours for virtual space to roam.

·       How to explore the British Museum from home - some easy ways to visit the museum virtually or browse galleries from your sofa

·       Virtual field trips from Mars to Le louvre: virtual field trips

·       Museums:

·       Our Awesome Planet:

·       Google Earth: & 

·       Google Earth education:

·       Yellowstone Park:

·       Discover animals:

·       U.K & U.S Zoos live:

·       Roller Coasters:

·       Aircraft:

·       Farm live:

·       NASA:

·       Discover (us):

·       History live form a WWII bunker:


Advice, tips and a list of the best Apps. 

1.     Apps by subject:

2.     SEND educational Apps:

3.     Science App:

4.     Including Apps for calming - 

5.     Apps for Autism:


Look for new theatre screenings expected online soon.

1.     The English Touring Opera is offering weekly online music workshops for children with SEND. The whole family is invited to get involved in creative play exploring rhythm, sound and song.
2.     Wind in The Willows is already out:
3.     Magician:
4.     Digital 450 theatrical performances for serious theatre buffs:


1.     Signed Tiger who came to Tea:
2.     Audio stories free at Audible:
3.     American titles read by celebrities and free on-demand:
4.     Featuring Children with SEN:
5.     Happy-self Journal:

Online Safety

Now our children are online more than ever, don’t forget safety. Perpetrators of scams and worse are also likely to be online more right now too!

        1.     15-minute safety activity:
        2.     Common Sense Media:
        3.     Childnet:
        4.     Childnet has produced a series of six short interactive lessons. These 10-15 minute videos are designed                  to be picked up and used by families with any young person aged 6-9.
        5.     NSPCC:
        6.     Commons sense media:

What Support Does my Child Receive if they have SEND?

  • If your child is identified as needing SEND Support K/Statement or has an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP,) they will have a range of support both in and out of the lesson time.
  • This may consist of:

Year 7 and Year 8

  • In class LSA support
  • Reading mentors who work one to one on a reading support programme.
  • Additional literacy and numeracy lessons.
  • Small group intervention delivered.
  • Accelerated Reading programme.
  • Access to dyslexic friendly books in the academy library.
  • External agencies support for Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapist.
  • Lunchtime nurture group.
  • Number Shark (numeracy) and Word Shark (literacy).
  • After school support clubs for homework, literacy, numeracy, dyslexia and social skills.
  • LAC mentor for LAC students
  • Nurture group.

Year 9 and Year 10

  • In class LSA support
  • Timetabled to small groups where possible.
  • Take part in Number Shark (numeracy) and Word Shark (literacy).
  • NESSIE intervention.
  • External agencies support for Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapist.
  • Lunchtime nurture group.
  •  After school support clubs for homework, literacy, numeracy, dyslexia and social skills.
  • Accelerated Reading Programme (Year 9).

Year 11 students

  • In class LSA support
  • Intervention programme for literacy and numeracy.
  • Dedicated tutor groups for core subject support.
  • Residential study trips.
  • Aspirations Advisor for careers advice.
  • External agencies support for Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapist.
  • After school support clubs for homework, literacy, numeracy, dyslexia and social skills.
  • Lunchtime nurture group.
  • SLT mentor

Director of SEND (SENCO): Mrs B Jawandha (

Walsall Council provides a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Local Offer that offers information to children and young people, and their families, about issues that may affect them and services that they may find useful. To find out more please visit the SEND Local Offer site by click the logo below.

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