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Remote Learning- Guide for Parents/Carers

Remote Learning at Shelfield

The information within this page below aims to:

  • Provide parents/carers with an understanding of remote learning for:    
    • COVID-19 related absence
    • Homework
    • Students who may be forced to self-isolate
    • Full or partial closures
  • Ensure consistency in our approach to remote learning for all students.
  • Set out clear expectations for all students using remote learning.
  • Provide appropriate guidelines for data protection and online safety.

What is Remote Learning?

Remote learning is a way of learning independently, away from the school context, using a variety of resources. Some of these resources will be interactive, some provided by teachers and others will be online. By ensuring you have a range of materials you can access whenever it is most suitable for you, we hope that any remote learning which takes place will be:

  • Consistent with what you would have been learning in class
  • A continuation of what you have been and will be learning in class
  • High quality in order to help you learn and remember the key knowledge you need for every subject
  • Varied and meaningful – so there will always be a style of activity or resource helpful to you.

What does Remote learning look like

Remote learning may take the form of:

  • Pre-recorded lessons accessible via Teacher dashboard
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Work sheets
  • Links to online activities
  • Videos
  • Directed tasks to complete
  • Reading

Online academic resources, including:

  •  Oak Academy. The Oak National Academy is a government funded resource established to provide all young people with high quality online learning. Lessons are delivered by experts in the field and are especially developed for learning remotely. The lessons and resources we use as part of our blended learning approach are linked to the topics our students would be learning about in class. Lessons are free to access and use, can be watched at any time and of course be used more than once. This will ensure our students have a flexible set of online lessons matched to the work that would be completed in class with their regular teacher


  • Seneca. Seneca is an online revision platform. It presents subject content, organised by a helpful checklist, and uses self-marking questions to check understanding. It is based on the evidence from research into effective revision, working on the principle that a sequence of revision and testing helps students to retain what they’ve learnt.


  • Kerboodle. Kerboodle is an online teaching and assessment website that provides support for students’ learning. Students use the resources available on the website and may be set work by their teacher. It may be an interactive activity that will be marked automatically by Kerboodle, or a worksheet or task that needs to be downloaded, completed and either re-uploaded and turned in by hand.


  • Mathswatch. MathsWatch is a set of Mathematics Resources (videos, exam papers and worksheets). Each video on Mathswatch can be searched using its number code. Once they've watched the videos and understood the topics, they will tick the completed box. If they do not understand the maths topic, students will click on the "Full Version" tab and watch the longer version.

Subjects will use a chosen selection of online resources for quizzing such as MS forms, Quizzis, Kahoot

How to access Remote Learning resources

Full support and instructions can be found on the Student tab of the academy website or by following the links below:

For instruction on how to access students Sims

SIMS Student App Instructions

For instructions how to access Remote Learning

Remote Learning Instructions

Teacher dashboard walk-through video

For instructions how to use Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Instructions

Students can access immediate work for core subjects in the Student section of the academy website


All students will have been provided with passwords and log in details at the beginning of the

academic year. If they have forgotten their password they must email the IT team and request log in details (

Your log in will be something like this:

Individual departments have learning platforms which may require different passwords. Students will have been informed within lessons as how to access passwords. If students forget their subject passwords they should contact their subject teachers through the Q and A section of Teacher Dashboard

How will work be marked and how will my child receive feedback?

  • Your child’s subject teacher will be able to see when your child has accessed work that has been set.
  • If your child has completed a piece of work, they can upload it onto Teacher Dashboard. For example, this could be work that they have completed on a device or you could take a picture of the work they have completed on paper by using mobile phone or IPad and then you can upload this.
  • Your child’s subject teacher will specify specific pieces of completed work which they definitely need to be uploaded so that they can monitor progress.
  • Your child can upload additional pieces of work if they wish to do so.
  • Your child’s class teacher might also provide feedback in the next pre-recorded lesson they send by the way of a whole class feedback or Question level analysis

Keeping safe online

The Safer School app is an excellent resource to support both students and parents/carers to stay safe online. A copy of a letter which was sent out to all parents/carers can be accessed below, as well as some simple instructions to help support downloading and activating the app.

Safer Schools Information

Students mental and Emotional well-being

During any time not in school, we want to ensure that students’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is being looked after so that our children have a positive and constructive attitude towards learning independently. 

If your child is absent from school due to COVID-19 for an extended period of time, they will receive a wellbeing phone call. The well-being phone call will last no longer than 5 minutes. For safeguarding reasons, the phone call may come from an unknown number if the teacher is not in school (due to isolation). The aim of the well-being phone call is for the child to have individual contact from their class teacher.

o When a teacher makes a call, they will log that the call has been made along with any key

information for school records.

o If the class teacher makes a call and there is no answer, a message will be left if this facility is available.

Information to share with your child:

For any independent learning to be effective you must be organised and self-disciplined. The advice below will help you ensure you establish good learning habits at home.

1. Establish a routine and get up to an alarm – try to follow the academy day timings and timetable

2. Take short breaks of about 15 mins regularly. But no longer!

3. Turn your phone/tv off and don’t be distracted when trying to focus on work

4. Consider where you are working carefully, bedrooms can mean you get easily distracted, kitchens can be busy parts of the house. Try to find a quiet place or use a dining room table

5. Go for a walk safely if you are able or do some exercise each day. Fresh air and physical activity can help with stress and improve concentration

6. For video or other online resources, you can use the pause button and re play if you need to – it may help you understand difficult ideas better

7. Make sure you complete work for each subject – not just the ones you like!

8. Be safe and responsible when online – do not share personal details and do not engage with inappropriate content

9. Email your teachers if you need help/support or have a question – but this should not be your first reaction. Try to work it out yourself or draft an answer. It’s ok to get things wrong – that is part of learning – but it’s not ok to give up without trying

10. Stick to deadlines so you don’t fall behind, or the work becomes overwhelming



What if my child has limited or no access to technology? 

If your child does not have access to a laptop or PC or phone then the academy will provide a paper copy of the work for them to complete and had back once it has been competed

If your child has a phone they will be able to access the online resources, PowerPoints, pre-recorded lessons etc, we will provide them paper copies in order for them to complete the work

Will my child need a printer? 

No. Your child will complete work either online or in their exercise books. Students may be asked to take a photo of their work and upload it to Teacher Dashboard. They can do this using their phone, laptop or tablet

Will my child need specific school equipment? 

No. All students should have a basic stationery kit of pen and pencil, ruler and rubber, a calculator (also available on their phone).

How can I contact my child’s teacher(s) during a period of remote learning?

You can email teachers at their school email address or through the progress coordinator. Teachers can also be contacted using the Questions and Answer function via Teacher dashboard