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Remote Learning Support

We use Microsoft Teams for students to access work from home. Below, you will find a range of support material. This include video walkthroughs and written documentation. 


You have a security message on your school provided laptop 

When you click on the internet browser, if you are warned that your connection is not private, this is due to a change that has been made to the trust filtering system. Please watch the short video below which shows you how to proceed.



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Video walkthrough
Below, you will find a helpful video which walks you through the entire process, from accessing Teams assignments, completing and submitting work, asking a question to your teacher about the tasks and getting feedback. 


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Using a tablet or Phone

To use Teams on a mobile or tablet (such as an iPad), you might need the Teams app. Your browser will inform you of this. You will also need the app versions of Office. The most likely apps your child will need will be Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. You could also download the app versions of Microsoft Outlook (email), OneDrive (cloud storage) and Excel if you wish.  

Activating the apps
When you have downloaded the app and open it, use your Office 365 login information to activate it. 

Editing a document an assignment within Teams on your phone/tablet

  • Open the assignment, click on the attachment (for example a PowerPoint file).
  • Click on the edit button (the pen and paper icon) on the top right of the screen (as shown below).
  • This will open it in the app and allow you to edit. It saves as you type.

Walkthrough document

A PDF document is available for download at the bottom of this page or by clicking here. This covers all of the areas of the video for quick reference including:

  • How to access Teams
  • How to access, complete and submit and assignment
  • How to ask a question and receive feedback
  • FAQs

Documents saved in school

For students in Years 10-13, all documents that were on their ‘N Drive/My documents’ within school, have been migrated to Office 365 within their OneDrive. 

When students access their OneDrive, they need to look for a folder called ‘Migrated Documents’ which will contain all of their work which was saved in school. From this point on, existing work should be accessed from and changes re-saved to OneDrive, whether working in school or remotely.

Whilst we do not foresee any issues with this migration, if there seems to be a problem, please send an email to with details of the issue.