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Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy

No individual element of our practice is revolutionary, it is the way in which our ideas are combined and embedded with rigour and simplicity.  It is really about being values driven, having a clear vision, focusing on outcomes for students, operating strict routines, doing the simple things well every day and building strong relationships at all levels.

At Shelfield we have created a culture of success through the operation of routines and protocols and a focus on outcomes and by offering the very best teaching and support students learn, behave and are well mannered.  Teachers teach with skill and rigour and staff and students enjoy what they do together.  We provide students with experiences and opportunities that allows them to flourish academically and socially during and beyond their time at Shelfield. 

Stuart Turnbull - Principal

Our mission is simple; we aim to raise achievement, help students overcome barriers to learning and most importantly open doors for our young people to allow them to have the life choices and opportunities they deserve.

A caring and supportive atmosphere is provided at the academy through our well established pastoral systems and our dedicated Children’s Services Team.  A range of effective support systems are in place to ensure that students are safe, happy and successful within the academy.

Our values are important because they demonstrate our commitment to aspiration, positivity, responsibility and achievement in our daily actions and interactions.  We try to use these words as much as possible in conversations at Shelfield.

Aspiration:  We are committed to ensuring that we have high aspirations for our students and that we support them to achieve challenging goals.  We want our students to aim high, pursue their dreams and think 'big'!

Positivity:  We have a positive culture here at Shelfield – we value the contribution of others and work together to achieve our vision.  We expect our students to smile!  Students are expected to be polite and well mannered, adopting a positive attitude to learning at all times.

Responsibility:  There is no more important responsibility than ensuring your child has a positive future.  Our staff take this responsibility seriously and are committed to ensuring that your child has a positive experience here at Shelfield. We expect our students to take responsibility for their attitude to learning, behaviour and attendance, and for parents to support our high expectations.

Achievement:  Our academy is one where students are rewarded and recognised for their personal achievements. We believe that by ensuring students and staff have high aspirations, are positive and accept their responsibilities, this will lead to outstanding achievements.

A major rebuild here at Shelfield means that students are educated in a stunning environment with world class facilities and resources.  Students have access to technology which is second to none in order to enhance learning, as well as equipping them fully with the skills required for a 21st century world. 

Stuart Turnbull