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Learning at Shelfield

At the academy, we use a shared language for learning, regardless of the subject or classroom that you are in. We call this the Shelfield Blueprint. 

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Sharing of learning objectives and success criteria – Your teacher will tell you at the start of the lesson the intended learning progress and outcome. You will then implement the knowledge and skills taught in the lesson or over a sequence of lessons.

Purpose & Outcomes – Your teacher will tell you how your learning is part of the bigger picture and explain why you are learning this knowledge and these skills so that you can then apply your knowledge and skills to the learning activities.

Active Start – After the academy routine of Stand, Register, Sit, learn, you will begin the learning activities immediately, with no time wasted.


Interleaving – Your teacher will regularly revisit recently acquired knowledge. Learning requires repetition; you must practice a particular concept or skill multiple times before it is fully mastered.


Modelling and co-construction – Your teachers will co-construct what can be expected from you so that you can understand and reproduce what you are taught. Your teacher might use an I do, we do, you do structure so that you clearly follow what is expected and become independent.


Feedback – Your teacher will give you feedback in variety of different ways (e.g. verbal, written etc.) You will be able to answer the questions: What am I doing well in this subject? What do I need to do to improve my work in this subject?

Remember, Recall, Review, Revise – In order for you to retain knowledge you must practice your knowledge and skills in a variety of different contexts, for example through quizzes, homework tasks, assessments, questions, at the starts and ends of lessons etc



Behaviour for Learning

At the academy, we base our behaviour around three core principles. We ask that you are ready to learn, respectful of everyone and your surroundings and take responsibility. Below is a short video where this is explained in more depth.

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