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Higher Prior Attainers (hpa)

Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy is committed to an inclusive vision that will transform learning, extend opportunity, raise aspirations and standards, and place it at the heart of the regeneration of its community. The academy takes a student centred and personalised approach to learning which recognises and values the skills and talents of each individual. 

Beliefs and values

At Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy we believe that all children are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop their full potential, be that intellectual, physical, aesthetic, creative, emotional, spiritual or social, finding appropriate challenge in our learning environment.

Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy is committed to providing a sufficiently challenging curriculum for all its students. In addition, we will provide opportunities to identify and in turn nurture those who are more able and their abilities.

All students have an entitlement to the following:

  • Staff commitment and training to develop students’ full potential at all times
  • Lessons that stimulate, engage, challenge, inform, excite and encourage through partnership and dialogue with teachers and other students and active participation in the lesson
  • Courses that lead to examinations and accreditation
  • Skilled, well prepared and informed teachers who have a perspective and understanding of whole-school needs, problems and policies, especially those concerning issues related to those students identified as more able
  • An entitlement beyond subject teaching, including preparation for adult life and preparation for the world of work. This should include extra-curricular activity, personal and social education, careers guidance and counselling, visits to local industry, work experience and community service. 


Opportunities outside the classroom

We feel it is vital for our all our students to enjoy a full and rounded education and this means encouraging them to take part in the many clubs and extra-curricular opportunities on offer to explore and develop their talents. Talented musicians are able to have additional music lessons and take part in our concerts, performing in the orchestra, the Band, Guitar group or one of the many other groups that practice regularly and perform together in school. The Drama department offers many opportunities for both writing performing in and watching plays and musicals. Talented trampolinists compete at regional and national level and our able sportsmen and women can compete in a whole range of sports.
Many of our able students choose to complete the Duke of Edinburgh award and take part in the Science club and extra activities.  We have strong links with a number of universities and as we encourage our more able students to aspire to attending University, we reinforce this by taking them on university day trips so that they can experience university life for themselves.

HPA students have worked on a number of projects during the currect academic year. These include the British Science Association's CREST project for KS3 students and the Brilliant Club project for KS4 students.  For the CREST Awards, students investigated how they could prevent the spread of disease, including cholera and HIV in lower economically developed countries. Students invested time after school, planned their own investigations, gathered data, researched current strategies and evaluated how their suggested schemes could be implemented in LEDCs. The project culminates with students receiving a CREST award from the British Science Association.

For the Brilliant Club project, students worked with a PhD tutor to investigate the concept of music being a form of poetry and produced a 2000 word assignment. This not only demonstrated their views and conclusions around the topic but their English language and accurate use of the Oxford referencing system too. The project culminated in a graduation style certification ceremony at the University of Nottingham. We are incredibly proud of their achievements!