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Helplines, apps and websites for support

Feeling anxious about Coronavirus? You're not alone and that's why this page offers you a variety of resources to use. Make sure you look at the useful links bellow for support from a number of organisations and ensure you check the orange box with 'Links in this Section'. 


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A range of resources and activities during the summer holidays


Useful links for wellbeing and mental health:

Young Covid-19 resources

I'm struggling with my eating disorder

Eating disorders thrive on isolation so turn your meal times into social activities over the phone or on Skype!

Hope Virgo, author and mental health campaigner

I have lost a loved one due to coronavirus

  • Dealing with loss is difficult and there is no right way to react when someone dies. We all experience loss differently.
  • Please read our advice from other young people who understand what it is like to deal with grief and loss.

I'm feeling anxious all of the time

A lot of people are finding things tricky at the moment, and allowing myself to recognise that these are difficult times for everyone and that it’s okay to struggle has really helped my anxiety surrounding this situation.

Madeleine, 19

My mood is low because of all of the changes 

  • Limit the time you spend checking the news and try to follow social media accounts that keep you positive and make you smile. Accounts like @the_happy_broadcast on Instagram only post good news stories.  
  • We have loads of tips on cleaning up your social media feed for a more positive time online - take a look at #OwnYourFeed.
  • Follow the YoungMinds Instagram account! @youngmindsuk 

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I'm anxious about all of the changes

Which quarantine character are you? Take our quiz!

Have you got a hundred projects on the go, or are you just chilling and waiting for this all to be over? Take our quiz to find out what your quarantine character is and get tips and advice for looking after your mental health during this time.

Take the quiz

I'm struggling with self-isolation and social distancing

Things you can do during quarantine or self-isolation

If you are having to self-isolate, here are some links to things that can keep you connected, busy or entertaine.

Learn a language
If you want to use this time to learn a language or brush up on your language skills, there are lots of resources available online. We like Duolingo and Drops, which both help you get to grips with the basics of a number of languages with fun games, and can both be downloaded as smartphone apps.

Play games over video call
Houseparty is a great app you can use to video call friends, either individually or in groups. You can also play fun games together through the app!

Learn something new
If you fancy learning something new, The Open University has made a number of courses available - you can learn about anything from history, to psychology to science...all for free!

Try some indoor exercise
If you want to get a bit of exercise from the comfort of your home, Joe Wicks, a fitness trainer, is uploading home workouts every day, which are all available on YouTube.
Practise mindfulness and meditation 
You could also use the time to practise mindfulness. Apps like Calm and Headspace offer loads of guided meditations. We also have a blog from Rachel, 17, on how she practises mindfulness for her mental health.

Your wellbeing is always the most important thing to take care of, particularly at times like this. It is okay to be upset now but remember that we’re all in this together, and there are always going to be people who will listen and who you can talk to. 

Elsa, 18

I have lost a loved one due to Coronavirus 

  • Dealing with loss is difficult and there is no right way to react when someone dies. We all experience loss differently.
  • Please read our advice from other young people who understand what it is like to deal with grief and loss.

What else can I do to look after my mental health?

  • Visit our blog for real stories from young people getting through the coronavirus pandemic, self-care tips and finding help. 
As hard as it can be when you have no deadlines, it is important to try and keep a regular routine.

Dhyana, 18


Other useful websites

Anna Frued- National Centre for Children and Families

Mind- Online mental health support

NHS- Every mind matters

Public Health England- Guidance on mental health and wellbeing aspects of Coronavirus 

Prince's Trust- Mental Health 

Young Minds- Anxious about Coronavirus?

Young Minds- Looking after your mental health whilst self-isolating