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Covid-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing in School

Submitting your consent

The window for Covid-19 testing consent has now closed.

An instructional video from the NHS which explains what schools need to do when setting up a testing site can be accessed here

An NHS leaflet regarding Lateral Flow testing can viewed here

An NHS leaflet regarding how the tests are conducted can be found here

Consent form

For students younger than 16 years old - this form must be completed by the parent/carer. Please complete one consent form for each child you wish to have tested.

Students over 16 can complete this form themselves, having discussed participation with their parent/carer if under 18

1)    I have had the opportunity to consider the information provided by the academy and ask questions about the testing, based on the information presented by the academy in January 2021 and below.

2)    In the case of under 16s, I have discussed the testing with my child and my child is happy to participate. If on the day of testing they do not wish to take part, then they will not be made to do so and consent can be withdrawn at any time ahead of the test.  

3)    I consent to my child having a nose and throat swab for a lateral flow test. I understand there will be 2 tests, 3-5 days apart.

4)    I consent that my child’s/my sample(s) will be tested for the presence of Covid-19. 

5)    I understand that if my child/my result(s) are negative on the lateral flow test I will not be contacted by the academy except where they/you are a close contact of a confirmed positive case. 

6)    If the lateral flow test indicates the presence of Covid-19, I agree to arrange and complete a confirmatory Covid Test using the Government website.  This test will be sent the same day to an NHS Test and Trace laboratory.

7)    I agree that my child/I will need to self-isolate following a positive lateral flow test result, until the results of the confirmatory Covid test have been received. 

8)    I agree that if my child’s/my test results are confirmed to be positive from this additional test, I will report this to the academy and I understand that my child/I will be required to self-isolate following public health advice. 

9)    I consent that if a close contact (of my child) tests positive but my child/I tested negative, they/will continue to attend the academy but will be tested every day at the academy for 7 days (or self-isolate in accordance with national guidelines)

10) I consent to the information being collected in the form and being processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act UK for the purposes of health and or social care.  A copy of our Testing Privacy Statement is available below.