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Year 8 visit to normandy

On Sunday 8th March, 125 excited students and 10 members of staff made the overnight trip to Normandy, France. After crossing the Channel by Euro Tunnel, we made the long trip to the beautiful Chateau du Molay for the evening entertainments and a well-deserved rest too.

While we were guests at the Chateau, students were treated to tasting experiences of croissants for breakfast as well as having the opportunity to make their own baguettes for lunch. Due to the rich history of the area that the party stayed, students had the opportunity to explore the legacy of World War 2, significant battlefield visits and the student’s favourite; the Arromanches 360 degree cinema as well as the D-Day landing Museum and the war cemeteries. Students were fascinated by the Bayeux Tapestry and were able to link this the learning in Key Stage 3 history!

On the final evening, students had the pleasure of a tasting session; frog’s legs and snails (all whilst practicing their French!). Not forgetting their opportunity to use the games room, Tuck Shop and karaoke room. On the final day, before heading back home, students had the opportunity to visit a local bakery where they learnt how to make Choux Buns and bake French desserts. There were a few desserts that some had not tried before, and of course once baked, staff enjoyed being the official taste testers!

The visit to Normandy was a huge success for all involved and it will be undoubtedly an experience that both students and staff will never forget.

Une merveilleuse experience!