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Academy fundraises for Midland Air Ambulance Charity

On Friday 29th November, the academy hosted an event to raise awareness of road safety and raise money for the chosen charity of Year 7, Midland Air Ambulance. The morning started with an assembly for Year 7 students which focused on road safety from a pedestrian perspective and this was followed by Sixth Form students who focused on a new driver perspective.

Students then converged at the front of the school to watch the emergency services including the Ambulance Service, Fire Service and Police Service undertake a mock road traffic collision, complete with crashed car and casualties, both in and out of the vehicle. Progress Co-ordinator for Year 7, Miss Dawe was the unfortunate ‘casualty’ who was in the car whilst the Fire Service practised an extraction, cutting off the roof to aid the Ambulance Service. Police also arrested a ‘drunk driver’, played by Mr Lawrence. This mock-up was an invaluable opportunity for our students to see the affects of a Road Traffic Collision first-hand, and a powerful reminder of the need for diligence on the road.

Following the reconstruction, all of Year 7 students, under the instruction of the Paramedics and Respiratory Physio Amy Iche, performed a sponsored CPR challenge on Rescusi-Anne dolls on a rotation through the afternoon. The event was a huge success and, along with a number of other fundraising activities which included a ‘I’m a Form Tutor, Get Me Out Of Here' event, complete with a Bush-tucker trial for the staff involved.

Activities are still taking place but the Year group have already smashed through their £2000 target for the great cause that is Midland Air Ambulance.