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Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy schoolboys come to aid of collapsed man in Walsall

FIVE Walsall schoolboys have been praised for coming to the aid of a collapsed man.

The 13-year-olds were riding their scooters through Walsall town centre early on Sunday evening when they came across the man slumped on a bench outside St Paul's.

Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy Year Nines Matt Bettles, Luke Thomas, Kai Edwards, Reece Zingal and Lewis Roberts jumped into action as they called the ambulance and kept the man company before it arrived.


 Matt, from Bloxwich, recalled: "We were just messing around on our scooters by the Walsall Council building when we saw the man on a bench outside the church. He was laid on it and it looked a bit weird at first.

"We were being pretty loud and we thought we were going to wake him up but after a while we thought why is he not waking up?

"A man walked past us and we said that the man on the bench had been like that for a while, should we call an ambulance?

"We all said we should call. I wasn't scared but we were worried about him. I am proud that we could help him and my parents and the school have said they are as well. The ambulance staff were grateful and thanked us for calling. I would do the same thing again."


West Midlands Ambulance Service said it was "great that the teenagers were prepared to look after another member of the public".

And Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy in Broad Lane, Pelsall also praised the youngsters.


 Mrs Lockley, Progress Co-ordinator for Year 9, said:

"The school is extremely proud of their actions. They showed initiative, called an ambulance and remained with him until it came. The ambulance crew were very impressed with their actions."