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Our visit to the Houses of Parliament - By Year 9 students

Year 9 students have put together this report about their visit to the Houses of Parliament.

 On 16th November a group of 30 year 9 and 10 students went on a trip to London. First we started our journey at Shelfield Ormiston Academy at 7am.

The journey was approximately 4 hours due to traffic. We arrived at around 10.30 and were dropped off at Buckingham Palace.

As we walked down the Mall we saw grenadier guards on horses. We walked down to Trafalgar square and saw Nelson’s column. There were tributes to the French people who lost their lives on 13th November.

On our way down to the Westminster we saw Downing Street. It was highly protected with many policemen with guns. Also we saw the horse guards on parade. The cenotaph was decorated with poppies. We used the underground Subway to get over to Westminster Bridge from where we looked right up at Big Ben and the Houses of Parliaments.

We walked over the Thames and saw the London Eye. After lunch we made our way to the education centre at Westminster where we were checked for security purposes. Our tour guides were Pete and Diane. We saw many important rooms such as the House of Lords, Central Hall and the House of Commons.

We saw Black Rod open the parliament session. We took part in a workshop that involved a quiz and creating a campaign. We also had time to meet our local MP Wendy Morton and we asked her a lot of questions.

We all agree that this was a great experience and would like to personally thank Mrs Newman and Miss Matthews for the opportunity.

Keeley Goody
Shula Harvey
Alistair Bywater
Daniel Dunn
Laura Baugh
Zara Thakker