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Important Announcement Regarding Clarification Of Our Uniform Standards

Wearing academy uniform is an important factor in establishing pride within the academy. We expect all students to represent our academy with a high level of respect, demonstrated in the smart and proud manner in which they wear the uniform.

From Monday 5th January our new policy for school uniform will be enforced.

From Monday 5th January our new policy for school uniform will be enforced. 




Black blazer with academy badge
Black plain tailored trousers
White plain collared shirt White plain collared shirt
Plain dark socks or tights Plain dark socks
Black plain, sensible shoes (heels under 2” high)
Black plain, sensible shoes
Black plain tailored skirt or trousers Please note, tight, slim fitting trousers or skirt are not permitted, nor are trousers which are of ‘stretchy’ material
Academy tie
Black blazer with Academy badge
 Unacceptable items
  • Jeans, denims, cords or leggings.
  • Tight fitting trousers or skirts.
  • Training shoes or boots.
  • Footwear with any of the following – coloured soles, platforms, studded spikes or any sports or leisure brand logos.
  • Sweatshirts or other casual wear.
  • Outdoor jackets are not to be worn indoors.
  • Caps/hats are not to be worn indoors.
  • Only discreet make-up is permitted
  • Any students who adopt an ‘excessive’ hairstyle may be required to change the style. Tramlines are not permitted.
  • Hairstyle should be a natural colour – blue, green, pink, orange or purple are not permitted hair colours.
  • Any tanning should be subtle and natural looking.
  • Nail extensions/varnish should be of subtle colour and the tip of the nail should be no longer than 0.5cm
  • Students may wear a pair of small stud earrings.
  • Necklaces, rings and bracelets are not allowed.
  • Spacer piercings must be filled.
  • Visible facial and body piercings are not allowed.
 Mobile Phones
  • Whilst students may carry a mobile phone in their bag, this is at their own risk.
  • Mobile phones/earphones & other devices are not permitted in lessons.


Prohibited Footwear (See below for examples)

  • No trainers or canvas pumps

  • No sports or leisure brand logos
  • No boots
  • No coloured soles
  • No platforms
  • No studded spikes
  • No heels over 2” high