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Summer School permissions and Contact

Please use this form to provide permissions and contact information for Summer School. This form is only for parents who have received a letter confirming their child's place on the programme.

Blackwell Outdoor Activity Centre visit

I give my permission for my child to attend and participate in the enrichment activities at Blackwell Adventure on Wednesday 28th July 2021.*

Photo Consent

Throughout the week, activities will be filmed and documented to create a video that will only be shown internally. I understand that by not giving permission, my child will not appear in the Summer School video.

I give permission for child’s image to be used in any photographs or videos relating to Summer School activities for:*

Medical Issues

Please provide details of any medical issues or concerns that we need to be aware of, or that may prevent your child from accessing the activities during the week. Please also provide information should we need to administer medication.

Medication must be clearly labelled with the administration guidelines provided. All medication must be handed to a member of staff.

Select one of the following*

Dietary Requirements

My child has specific dietary requirements or allergies*

Emergency contact details