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Biometric Permission Form

Use of Biometrics at Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy
The academy runs a biometrics system through Biostore for easy identification of your child when purchasing food at the tills and in the future, for printing to photocopiers around the academy.
Some of the benefits of biometrics include:
• Children do not need to remember to bring an ID card and there are no subsequent charges for lost cards
• Reduction in queuing times at the tills due to the efficiency of the system
• A significant cost reduction for the school in relation to ID cards and the subsequent
Neither Biostore or the academy store images of the actual fingerprints on its systems. Only mathematical representations of certain points of a finger image are recorded, typically between ten and sixty depending on the characteristics of the finger. This mathematical data is securely encrypted and kept within school. Please be assured that even if the data were not encrypted, it would be impossible to recreate the original fingerprint image from the stored data and it cannot be used by any other agency for any other purpose

We will also offer an opportunity to opt out for those who, upon consideration, would prefer to use ID cards. These cards will be available at a cost of £3 for each

Consent for use of pupil biometric data
In response to the new legislation introduced May 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation),
Ormiston Academies Trust is required to notify each parent/carer of a child and obtain the written consent of at least one parent/carer before being able to use a child’s biometric information for an automated system.

Biometric information means the collection and use of an individual’s unique physical and behavioural characteristics, such as fingerprint. This information can be used to uniquely identify an individual person to ensure appropriate security is granted to electronic systems.


As stated above, the written consent of at least one parent/carer is required. However, consent given
by one parent/carer will be overridden if the other parent/carer objects in writing to the use of their
child’s biometric information. Similarly, if your child objects to this, the school cannot collect or use
his/her biometric information.

If you consent via the form below then you are authorising the academy to use your child’s biometric
information until he/she either leaves the school or ceases to use the system. If you wish to
withdraw your consent at any time, this must be done in writing and sent to the academy. Once
your child ceases to use the biometric recognition system, his/her biometric information will be
securely deleted by the academy.

Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy biometric data collection and use consent (Parent/Carers)

Select one of the following*

Student consent

Please indicate below by ticking one of the two boxes and signing the form below. By choosing to consent you give the Academy permission to use your biometric information (fingerprint) to provide you with secure access to cashless catering systems until you either leave the Academy or stop using the system. You can choose to withdraw your consent at any time. Once you stop using the biometric recognition system, your biometric information will be securely deleted by the Academy.

You do not have to give your consent if you do not want to. If you do not consent, then you will still be able to use the facilities at the Academy through other means.

Students- please tick one of the following*