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Primary Partnerships

By fostering strong links with our local feeder schools, we can support the academic and pastoral transition of students to ensure they are able make the move to secondary school as smooth as possible. 

In addition to our focused transition programme for helping year 6 students make the move to Shelfield, we also forge a range of links across the academic year that aim to share resources and good practice and develop stronger relationships between the schools, parents and students.  At present, we work alongside local schools by:

  • Hosting and support the computer networking and internet capabilities of some primary school networks.
  • A shared digital library that allows primary schools to access the academy’s eBook resources to support the development of reading.
  • Providing access to the Academy resources such as specialist staff, access to our Innovation Room, drama and media facilities and hosting events in the academy theatre and meeting rooms.
  • Providing support to enhance and fulfil curriculum requirements, including the hosting of Switched Onto Technology days.
  • Sharing expertise including visiting local schools to observe lessons and develop our understanding of the Key Stage 2 curriculum to better understand students’ experience and plan our own curriculum to make the most of prior learning.