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Literacy Support Resources

Here are some resources that will help you as parents understand what your child is being asked to do in terms of Literacy at Shelfield. Additionally, there are some resources that your children can access themselves . If you require any extra information please contact: Mrs. Jayne Barratt.

Resources for all

Cursive unjoined
Handwriting letters
Handwriting practise booklet
Puncuation mat
Top 10 books for teenagers

Resources for parents

KS4 Reading List
Reading sentance stems
Recommended reading list Year 7 and 8
Ways to encourage teenagers to read
What's in it for teenagers

Resources for students

3 part essay guide
Apostrophes for possession
Apostrophes to show contraction
Capital letters
Connectives placemat
Explanation phrases placemat
KS4 Reading List
There, their, they're worksheet
Tips to improve writing
To, too and two
Varying sentances placemat
Wider reading KS3
Words instead of said
You're and your