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Key Stage 4

Core Subjects

All students in Key Stage 4 have at least 9 hours of mathematics and English per fortnight. Students in the top band classes have 12 hours of science to achieve GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics, all other students have 8 hours of science to enable them to achieve a double award in science. At least 4 hours per fortnight are allocated for physical education for all students, and students have the opportunity to achieve a level 2 qualification in physical education, sport or health and fitness.


All main stream students are able to opt for the qualifications to achieve the English Baccalaureate qualification and have between 4 and 6 periods (depending on their pathway) per fortnight in their option subjects. 


All main stream students are able to fill all slots in the Progress 8 buckets.

We believe that financial planning, budgeting and financial tools for managing money are essential for all of our students and complements their learning in achieving economic well-being. Therefore, all students have the opportunity to achieve level 2 qualification in financial education.


Guided Choices and Pathways

We operate a pathways approach where students are given a pathway which is most suited to their academic ability. For the current Y10 and Y11 students we operate 4 pathways, each pathway has a different core package where the level and type of qualification is suited to the learners’ ability. There is also flexibility within this and students are able to move onto different qualifications depending on progress and attainment.

We have also ensured that our Key Stage 4 curriculum has a range of applied subjects within it to ensure students have the right courses available to engage them and prepare them for adult life and the world of work and careers.


We pride ourselves on the large range of options available to our students for their guided choices. Our current option choices are:

Business Studies
Computer Science
Food technology
Health & Social Care
Information Technology
Performing Arts
Resistant materials

YEAR 9 2017-2018 

*A Student cannot take ICT and computer science